Hourly service

For custom transportation, event organization or excursions, your private chauffeur is at your service.

Service & Discretion
True technicians of the road, bilingual, with a sense of discretion, rigor, and adaptability to all situations, our drivers are confirmed professionals. They all hold specialized licence for carrying people, our drivers selected according to a strict set of skills, trained and certified according to the philosophy of the job. All our drivers are bound by a strict confidentiality on the identity and destination of passengers.

Comfort and safety
We guarantee you comfort and high-end services in our entire fleet. Enjoy benefits worthy of the most beautiful palaces aboard the Mercedes S Class (or equivalent range). All our vehicles are from premium brands very comfortable including a range of services enabling you to work where you entertained during your travels. Our fleet consists of Sedans and Vans to meet all your needs.


You travel regularly, from time to time alone or accompanied, enjoy quality service. You will be greeted and assisted immediately when you arrived.

Your driver holds your name on a sign and will escort you to your vehicle safely. Let us drive and relax!

Long distance trip

We are happy to provide all long distances trips without kilometers limitations. The management of venues are from the Paris region throughout France and Europe and vice versa.

Example: a drive from Cannes to Paris.

We can stay at your service for an hour or for a couple of days, just get in touch with O&P Limousine reservation team in order to set up the details.

Long journey

For long durations service requests, an estimate is required to offer a tailored service to meet your expectations.

Whether you are an individual or a company, you'll find all the solutions for your travel needs.

O&P Limousine performs all types of trips without time and distance limit as well as all types of tourism and event services.

We are a registered company, therefore if you are a professional, VAT is recoverable. For more responsiveness, you can make your reservation directly on our website, or contact our team by phone or email.

Business service

Quality service for regular transport with drivers. Your driver is available and accompanies you in all your daily commute, for business trips. Example: A trade show in France or Europe, your driver is available for you and your customers.


  • No TVTS
  • No wage costs
  • No leasing
  • No fuel and maintenance costs...
  • A predictable rate known in advance
  • The Possibility to switch from a sedan to a van to suit your needs at anytime...

Climb aboard one of our vehicles fitted comfortably and let your driver take you to your destination without detours.

On board extras

To work or to entertain :

  • Wi-Fi
  • iPad
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Wide choice of Music

For your well being:
  • Mineral and sparkling water
  • Sodas
  • Freshness Wipes
  • Sweet treats
  • Umbrellas etc...

* Receive benefits and hospitality products even more luxurious for all Mercedes S Class reservation requests.

On board, your privacy will be maintained, separate lounge, sun roof and tinted windows for greater discretion.

Our vehicles are maintained and serviced according to the specifications of manufacturers and are in perfect condition inside and outside. You choose your mode of transport to suit your tastes and your desires, we drive.